ProAmbitionsComing to Newington Arena March 22-23, 2018

Pro Ambitions Defense Camp returning to Newington Arena March 22-23. 

I teach a lot about game theory and positioning and where you need to be on the ice. I will break down the mechanics of the core defensive skills and then we will apply them together. Of course we will Battle because in all of my curriculums, campers will train via game situational battles. I am an expert at coaching kids in gap control, I study it and it is the biggest weakness in youth hockey.

I will talk about being inside the dots and DAP which means Defense Against Post, …and a lot more. Find my DEFENSE WITH JEFF Tour on the FIND YOUR CAMP schedule page. You can sort by curriculum, state or month. I begin Memorial Day and end Labor training the D of the nation. I love every second of it. I know I can help you become the best defenseman you can be. - Jeff Serowik

For more information and to register: http://proambitions.com/