Want to increase your probability of scoring?
Calling All Players Born 2003-2008!
We’ve got the only training curriculum based on real NHL data.
For Example - Did You Know?
In an offensive 2-on-1 opportunity, passing to the other attacking player in the key target area increases scoring probability by 40%!
Are you training to make this play?
For 3 years, Clear Sight Analytics has cataloged every NHL shot sequenceresulting in a shot on goal, using 34 points of data, including:
Passer, Passer location,
Shooter, Shooter location,
Offensive situation, Screens,
Deflections, Broken plays
Now they've created the definitive measure of the probability of scoringand are passing it on to you!
for Forwards & Defensemen
Newington Arena
July 23-26, 2018
Elite Camp (8:30-11:30 am)
Darien Ice Rink
July 30 to August 2, 2018
Elite Camp (8:30-11:50 am)
Future Elite Camp (1-4:10 pm)
This off- and on-ice program will teach and enhance the skills you need to make plays and score goals. 
With Curriculum Support
from Steve Valiquette
   MSG Network Studio Analyst,
NY Rangers;  
   Former NHL Goaltender,
NY Rangers, NY Islanders,
Edmonton Oilers
CSA's rapidly expanding roster of clients includes the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Using their proprietary methodology, CSA has analyzed more than 250,000 shot sequences resulting in a shot on goal—more than 8 million individual points of data—creating a new generation of team and player performance metrics that will change how you see the game. This is Hockey in Clear Sight.
Breakaway Hockey is the first CSA Authorized Skills Analytics Education Partner, and the only one in 2018 to bring this wealth of scoring information to youth athletes! 
Space is limited, so register today to save your spot! 
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